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About Us

We are the Refurbished Watch Dealer Located in India, we are in this trade since 2014.We source the used and not working Vintage watches from all over the world and then Refurbish them and make the wearable for our customers, We Inspect physical condition of the watches and then refurbish them according to the requirement.

Negotiate prices
Complete purchase transactions
Watch Refurbishment
Initial watch assessment #refurbishment
Check for any mechanical issues
Assess the condition of the watch band and casing
Repair mechanical issues #refurbishment
Replace or repair damaged watch parts
Ensure the watch keeps accurate time
Cosmetic refurbishment #refurbishment
Polish watch casing and band
Replace damaged or worn out watch bands

Final quality check #refurbishment
Check for any remaining issues
Ensure the watch is in sellable condition
Listing and Selling Watches
Create listing for each refurbished watch #selling
Write detailed descriptions about the watch
Take high-quality photos from multiple angles
Price the watch #selling
Research current market prices
Set a competitive price
Publish the listing #selling
Handle customer inquiries #selling
Complete sales transactions #selling
After Sales
Provide customer service #afterSales
Handle any complaints or issues
Offer support for any watch-related problems

Request customer feedback #afterSales
Record sales data for future reference #afterSales

“ We are commutity led, with a continued commitment to be the most responsible
version of ourselves – and we never rest on our laurels. ”

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